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TRIALOG in the Enlarged EU

A journey through the TRIALOG experience -

Results from the systematisation process

After almost 15 years of TRIALOG, partners and team members have undertaken a process of reviewing and analysing the experiences of the project. During the so called “systematisation” they tried to see the underlying processes that have accompanied the project’s evolution, relived pivotal moments in the history of TRIALOG, and evaluated the collaborations that have resulted from TRIALOG’s efforts. All these elements give a sense of what has been achieved and the way in which TRIALOG has contributed to newer EU members’ integration into European development policy and practice.

Download the outcomes of the process, which are summarised in the booklet TRIALOG in the enlarged EU: 15 years supporting civil society to engage in development(PDF). Or order your free printed copy at office@trialog.or.at



The booklet is a journey through the TRIALOG experience from its beginning to the fifth project phase, starting in 2012. It provides insights into the context in which the project was embedded. Project activities are described and analysed according to the three main areas of TRIALOG’s work:

  • “European Integration of Development CSOs from the Enlarged EU”,
  • “Platform Building Support” and
  • “Capacity Building for Development CSOs”.

A special focus looks at the contribution of TRIALOG to “Networking”, “Learning and Empowerment” and “Advocacy” in EU13. At the end of this journey you will find the lessons learnt. Finally, case studies of selected development CSO platform in EU13 countries illustrate more practically how TRIALOG contributed to their establishment and the CSO sector in the region.


A longer and more detailed version of the systematisation outcome document is available here (PDF).



Representatives of EU13 development CSOs and platforms, as well as the CONCORD president and TRIALOG project manager speak about their TRIALOG experience.


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