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TRIALOG Exchange with the Global South: Uganda meets EU13

24-28 November 2014

Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Poland

In November 2014, two Ugandan project partners of Brother and Sister in Need (BSIN)  (Dioceses Innsbruck) – a member organisation of HORIZONT3000 – came to give school workshops on the topic of global development in Austria. TRIALOG approached BSIN to see if the Ugandan partners were interested in introducing their organisations’ work and building up new contacts with organisations in the enlarged EU. They were, and so it came to be that within the TRIALOG Global Exchange activity the two Ugandan colleagues visited development CSOs in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Poland.

In short summary reports the local hosting organisations share their impressions of the Global Exchange visits:


The guests from Uganda

Mr Tonny Kyambadde works for Caritas Maddo in the dioceses of Masaka, South-Uganda. He works with farmers on the topic of sustainable agriculture methods and environment protection, as well as hygiene in their households. The overall programme of the organisation supports farmers to produce and sell their products, mainly through cooperatives.

Ms Cissy Nakabugo is the head of orphans and vulnerable children desk at the Dioceses Kiyinda-Mityana. She implements a social protection programme for children which focuses on schooling kids from vulnerable families and securing nutrition for members of their households. Target groups of their programs are vulnerable households with HIV affected parents, families where one parent has died, HIV infected children, parents with a disability.


Exchange activities in EU13 and their value for civil society organisations (CSOs)

Cissy Nakabugo visited Wrocław, Poland for three days. During her visit, co-organised by the youth education centre Angelus Silesius House she met with Polish teachers who innovatively implement Global Education in kindergartens and preschools. During the meeting the Polish teachers had a chance to ask about Uganda, development of the country and preschool education in Uganda. Ms Nakabugo also visited six kindergartens and met around 50 children in each place – it was a great opportunity for the kids to personally meet a representative of the Global South because until now their lessons about African countries were mostly based on pictures, stories and books. “Ms Nakabugo’s visit added a personal dimension to discovering the world and the children will for long remember the Ugandan song that she taught them” said one of the teachers organising the visits.
As an outcome of this exchange activity the Angelus Silesius House is looking into opportunities of sending volunteers to work on Ms Nakabugo’s projects in Uganda and some of the kindergartens asked to establish partnerships with Ugandan kindergartens.


Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, the Czech development CSO platform FoRS and its member organisation Glopolis organised two events with Mr. Kyambadde. The first event was a lecture and discussion “Towards Food Sovereignty– Can Africa Feed itself?” for approximately 40 students at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Aurèle Destrée from Glopolis explained how food systems are central to several global challenges and Tonny Kyambadde further explained how he is working concretely with small scale food producers at local level on several of these challenges.

The second event was a roundtable "Which model of agriculture to feed Africa?" with around 20 participants, mainly from Czech NGOs with projects on food security in various developing countries, but also representatives from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Czech Development Agency. Apart from the Ugandan experience with challenges related to food security and concrete actions to address them, the participants could also learn about the position paper on food security prepared by CONCORD and about the Czech development cooperation approach towards and projects in food security from both state representatives.

In addition, Mr. Kyambadde had the opportunity to discuss the activities carried out by another FoRS member – Caritas Czech Republic – in Africa in a separate meeting. The visit was thus a valuable opportunity to learn from a person living in different context and experiencing the everyday challenges of the current food security system that Czech NGO and other actors have been addressing from different angles.


Cissy Nakabugo, shared her experiences in child rights and social protection with development CSOs and students in Hungary. During her stay organised in co-operation with Demnet, she met colleagues from different CSOs, approx. 80 high school students, teachers, and also a group of university students.


Tonny Kyambadde's three day visit in Latvia was beneficial for several Latvian NGOs who work in global education and development cooperation fields and had an opportunity to meet Mr. Kyambadde and include him as an expert in their activities.
Together with a team from the hosting organisation Humana People to People in Latvia, Mr. Kyambadde visited two schools where he held workshop on food security involving all together 70 students from secondary schools. On the way back to Riga he visited a primary school that works as multifunctional center for the local community. In this school he exchanged experiences with representatives about working with small communities in Latvia and Uganda.
Mr. Kyambadde took part in the AidWatch discussion organised by LAPAS, the Latvian Platform for Development cooperation and met teachers from all Baltic States in a seminar that was organised by the “Education Development Center”.
On his last day, Mr. Kyambadde and representatives from Humana and Green Freedom took part in the activities at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art working specifically with students of pedagogy.  The main topic of the workshop was food security focusing on Fair Trade. Mr. Kyambadde’s visit in Latvia ended with an informal event at LAPAS office meeting other member organisations from the platform. Humana People to People Latvia is planning to stay in touch with Mr. Kyambadde as he is taking part in the preparation of a school manual that they are producing currently.


How did the guests from Uganda benefit?

Both Cissy Nakabugo and Tonny Kyambadde appreciated the opportunity to meet NGOs in the enlarged EU and describe the exchange as a great learning event.

Reflecting on the most useful aspects of the visit to Mr. Kyambadde’s organisation and him personally he says: “'The most useful part of the visit was meeting new people active in development work. We shared a lot of project ideas and experiences, which I believe benefited everyone. Understanding the kind of NGOs are there in European countries and the kinds of projects they implement was really good for me.”


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