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Bulletin 2011

Nicaragua Conference and Field Visits, Ongoing EU Policy Processes, EU Presidencies, Croatia as a Donor.


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TRIALOG Bulletin 2011 Title


  • Editorial: Looking for the Collective Well-Being (Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG)
  • Walking in Nicaraguan Boots Development Cooperation Experience on the Ground (Linda Jākobsone, LAPAS)
  • Transition Experience Harnessing the Transition Experience in EU's External Relations - from Policy to Implementation (Non-Paper), A Civil Society Perspective on "Transition" (Barabra Erős, Brigitte Jaksa, DemNet) 
  • The Structured Dialogue (Ester Asin Martinez, Care International, Izabella Toth, Cordaid)
  • Busan ante portas More High Level Engagement Needed at High Level Forum  (Melanie Oßberger, Global Responsibility)
  • The Mulitannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 (Elise Vanormelingen, CONCORD), European Vision Needed for MFF (Johannes Trimmel, Light for the World)
  • Ambitious Poland for Developing Countries The Zagranica Group Calls on the Polish Government to Deliver Ambitious, Transparent and Effective Development Cooperation (Monika Matus, Zagranica Group)
  • The Cypriot EU Presidency 2012 (Kerstin Wittig, CYINDEP)
  • Struggling with a Difficult Environment Situation of NMS and ODA, Evaluation of AidWatch (Ulrike Bey, TRIALOG)
  • About TRIALOG 
  • Croatia: Already a Donor of Development Cooperation (Gordan Bosanac, Center for Peace Studies)

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