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Bulletin 2010

Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation, Nicaragua solidarity, EU presidencies Hungary and Poland.


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  • Editorial: Global Crossroads: The Role and Perspectives of Civil Society Organisations in Development Cooperation (Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG)
  • CSO Perspectives on Development Cooperation (Mandeep Tiwana, CIVICUS)
  • The CSOs in the World: Building Certainties among Restrictions and Challenges (Susana Eróstegui, Open Forum for Development Effectiveness)
  • The Structured Dialogue Process (Ester Asin Martinez, CARE International)
  • Nicaragua Solidarity: GDR Solidarity. Short review on state and independent support (Willy Volks, INKOTA) 25 years of cooperation (Interview with Elmer Zelaya, Fundación CHICA) 
  • New Voices in Development Effectiveness: The Hungarian Presidency Project (Brabara Erős, HAND)
  • Polish National Platform getting ready for the 2011 presidency (Wojciech Tworkowski, Zagranica)
  • What Makes EU Member States “New”? (Andreas Vogt, CONCORD)
  • About TRIALOG
  • Getting Back on Track…which Track was it?: Situation of NMS andf ODA, Evalkuation of Aidwatch (Andra Tanase, TRIALOG)



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