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Bulletin 2008/2009

Prague conference and further views, upcoming Czech EU presidency and many other issues.


Download the Bulletin 2008/2009 (pdf).



Photo of the front page of the TRIALOG Bulletin 2008



  • Editorial: Civil society on the right track to handle global problems?
  • After the Prague development conference: Paradigm change inevitable
  • South-East cooperation: A new member state perspective
  • CONCORD strategy: Putting politics back into development
  • Key note speeches of the 2008 Prague conference: Are we on the right track? Paradigm review by civil society organisations (CSOs) as development actors
  • Macedonia on the way into the EU: The challenge of development cooperation
  • Civil society development in Moldova: The role of the EU
  • The Mediterranean region: Time for new mindsets to solve problems
  • TRIALOG: Structure and activities
  • FoRS for civil society development effectiveness: Programme of the Czech NGDO platform for the EU presidency 2009


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