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Training of Multipliers 2015

17-19 February 2015, Vienna

Training for Liaison Officers

This year the training event was focused on two alternative funding sources available to CSOs: corporate fundraising and online fundraising. Additionally, complementary to the topic of online fundraising, social media and data visualization were addressed towards the end of the three days.

Day one of the ToM was dedicated to exploring best practices in corporate fundraising, applying the business model generation canvas to the work of the platforms, developing a fundraising pitch and simulating a fundraising meeting. The day was very interactive and the participants enjoyed walking in the corporate shoes. Stephan Kropf from the Fundraising Verband Austria was the resource person for the day.

Day two was led by Florian Engel from More Onion, an organisation specialised in consulting and working with nonprofits on online fundraising campaigns and ecampaigning in general. Florian walked the participants through the Donor Journey and presented a number of online fundraising tools and models, concluding the day with some tips and tricks on data visualization.

The last day of the ToM provided the space for exchange among the Liaison Officers, one of the more pressing issues to discuss being the joint advocacy steps aimed at influencing the EC decisions with regards to the criteria for the next DEAR call in 2016.

Before closing with the evaluation of the whole three days, a short session on Social Media provided the LOs with some advice on effective ways of using social media, social media goals for nonprofits, how to build an audience and engage with fans on Facebook.

The TRIALOG team would like to thank all the participants for their positive energy and active engagement in the ToM!


Preparation Documents


Logistical Infopack



Corporate Fundraising Presentation by Stephan Kropf

Corporate Fundraising Business Model Canvas

Social Media for Nonprofits and Data Visualisation by Iulia Jolley-Socea



Minutes of the ToM 2015



Online Fundraising: Fundraising Campaigning Toolbox

Social media & Fundraising Report by Irina Lupu, FOND

Visualising Information for Advocacy 1

Visualising Information for Advocacy 2




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