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Training of Multipliers 2013

13-15 February 2013, Vienna

Training for Liaison Officers from CSO platforms


Development Policies and Organisational Development

Participants ToM 2013

This year's Training of Multipliers was, for the first time, directed towards the Liaison Officers from EU13 development CSO platforms and focused both on relevant policy topics and on the organisational development of the platforms.





On the Agenda of the Training were:

  • The Multiannual Financial Framework, Development Education and Ways to influence the Process
  • Policy Coherence for Development
  • Private Sector in Development Cooperation
  • Working with Member Organisations
  • How to plan an Advocacy Strategy



Download the Report of the Training of Multipliers 2013 (pdf)


The training aims at strengthening the capacities of Liaison Officers in their role as networkers within their platforms and in dealing with development policy issues on national and European level.

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