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Study Visit 2013

27-30 May 2013 - Brussels

With a special focus on Policy Coherence for Development (PCD)

Meeting with MEP Ska Keller

The TRIALOG Study Visit 2013 brought together 16 professionals from 16 different NGDOs from 11 EU countries who during 4 days had opportunity to discuss Policy Coherence for Development issues with representatives from European institutions, Irish and Lithuanian Permanent Representations as well as with PCD experts from CONCORD and other CSOs based in Brussels.




Reading Documents

(-) Reading list of PCD related documents, compiled by TRIALOG (pdf)

(-) Current processes in EU development policies, compiled by TRIALOG (pdf)

(-) PCD Good Practices Guide of CONCORD (pdf)


Presentations and Report

(-) PCD Training slides (CONCORD trainers) and the second one is from ,

(-) Policy Coherence for Development (Zdenka Dobiasova, DG Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid)

(-) Report of the Study Visit, compiled by participants and TRIALOG (pdf)





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