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Study: A Decade of EU13 CSO Participation in EC DEAR Projects

The Study explores and analyses the success of EU13 CSOs in applying for and securing European Commission grants through the Calls for Proposal system during the last 10 years.



Download the full version of the study here (pdf).


Download the one-pager featuring the main findings of the sudy here (pdf).


What are the main findings?

  • EU12 CSOs as a group have experienced limited success in securing EC grants for DEAR projects over the last ten years. 17.4% of the total number of grants and 14.1% of the total amount awarded was allocated to them.
  • The European Commission did not meet its aim to allocate 20% of the budget for DEAR grants to EU10/12 CSOs, but came close to achieving the aim in some years.
  • The average grant size allocated to EU12 CSOs was EUR 150,000 smaller than the average amount allocated to EU15 CSOs.
  • From 2004-2013 the EC awarded large grants of one million EUR or more to only two CSOs from EU13 countries, from the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • More than one third of TRIALOG survey respondents found that the special measures set for NMS CSOs when applying for the EC DEAR grants (lower co-financing rate, lower minimum grant size, less project management experience) encouraged their application for, and facilitated their success in obtaining EC DEAR grants.
  • The inability to raise co-financing amounts and insufficient feedback from the EC to unsuccessful applications remain obstacles to successful EC DEAR applications for numerous CSOs.
  • There are considerable differences by nationality among the EU13 group in terms of being successful lead applicants for DEAR grants. Czech, Polish and Hungarian CSOs were awarded the most EC DEAR grants between 2004-2013, 30%, 18% and 12% of the funds allocated to EU13 respectively.
  • The participation of EU13 CSOs as partners in DEAR activities together with EU15 CSOs has proved a success. Only 12% of all DEAR projects funded by the EC do not involve at least one organisation from EU13 as a partner. This also reflects the success of TRIALOG’s Partnership Fairs and partner search facilitation activities especially designed to foster partnerships ahead of the EC DEAR Calls.



The study was conducted on the basis of information available from the public EC database and an electronic survey distributed among EU13 development CSOs.


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