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Study: A Decade of EU13 CSO Participation in EC Development Cooperation Projects

The study looks at how successful EU13 CSOs have been within the last ten years in securing grants for implementing European development cooperation projects outside the EU through four thematic programmes of the Development Cooperation Instrument and the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.


Download the full version of the study here (pdf)

Download the one-pager featuring the main findings of the study here (pdf)


Thematic programmes in the focus of this study are:

  • NSA-LA - Actions in partner countries
  • Investing in People
  • Migration and Asylum and Environment
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources including Energy




What are the main findings?

  • EU13 CSOs have been successfully awarded such European development assistance grants in very limited number of cases. Out of the 3921 grants analysed, only 30 went to EU13 CSOs, representing 0.75% of the grants analysed.
  • EU15 CSOs implemented such European development cooperation projects much more often, in 44.32% of the grants analysed.
  • Among the EU13 group, the CSOs that implemented EC development cooperation projects most often were the Czech CSOs (44%), followed by Hungarian (13%) and Bulgarian and Lithuanian CSOs (both 10%).
  • As many as 11 grants out of the total of 30 grants awarded to EU13 CSOs were awarded to one Czech organisation – People in Need.
  • The main obstacles identified in the study for EU13 CSOs to implement EU development assistance through calls for proposals were the following: EU13 CSOs’ inability to identify partners from the Global South; lack of EU13 CSO country offices in developing countries; limited knowledge of the Global South countries and the “field” experience.
  • Bigger participation of EU13 CSOs in the implementation of European development cooperation implementation could also have positive impact on EU13 CSOs’ work on development education and awareness raising and the level of EU13 citizens’ knowledge about European development cooperation.

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