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Study: A Decade of EU13 CSO Participation in European Humanitarian Actions

The study describes and analyses how successful EU13 CSOs have been within the last ten years in securing grants for implementing European humanitarian assistance projects.


Download the full version of the study here (pdf)


Download the one-pager featuring main findings of the study here (pdf)

What are the main findings?

  • Since 2003, DG ECHO has signed Framework Partnership Agreements (a pre-condition for CSOs to implement European humanitarian assistance) with 234 NGOs from 22 countries from the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Among these, only ten CSOs are from five different EU13 countries – the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. DG ECHO has had no FPA with any NGO from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta or Romania.
  • Some of the obstacles that EU13 CSOs meet for obtaining a Framework Partnership Agreement include: a lack of or limited information about the FPA requirement and selection procedure; meeting some of the criteria for an FPA e.g. in the area of financial management and experience; limited contacts between EU13 CSOs and DG ECHO.
  • Out of the 10 EU13 CSOs that have had an FPA with ECHO, only five received grants to implement European Humanitarian action. 42 grants were awarded to five EU13 CSOs by ECHO between 2004 and 2013.
  • During 2004-2012, EU13 CSOs managed to obtain only 0.41% of the total funding for humanitarian operations awarded by DG ECHO to CSOs. 99.59% of the funding was awarded to CSOs from the EU15 and European Economic Area countries.
  • One NGO, People in Need (Czech Republic) received 54% of the funds awarded to EU13 CSOs, Polish Humanitarian Organisation received 36%, Caritas (Czech Republic)  9%, Foundation Together (Slovenia) 0.9% and People in Peril (Slovakia) 0.2%. Obstacles to receiving European humanitarian action grants by EU13 CSOs include these organisations’ limited presence in the global south, restricted capacity to apply for and manage multiple projects, limited interaction with DG ECHO and participation in consultative meetings organised by the organisation.

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