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Strategy Meeting 2013

3 December 2013 - Ljubljana

Sharing of EU13 platform experiences and planning of joint actions

The annual TRIALOG exchange meeting of development NGO platform representatives from EU member states after 2004 (EU13) looks back at a tradition of nine years, when TRIALOG organised the first “Central Training” in Vienna. A lot has happened since then and the meeting moved from a training setting to a networking and planning event for the now 13 national platforms.

This year’s TRIALOG Strategy Meeting was hosted by the Slovenian platform SLOGA in Ljubljana and gathered around 30 participants form national platforms, CONCORD and other TRIALOG partners. During a market place session the platforms shared their highlights and challenges of 2013 and exchanged on their situations.

CONCORD director Seamus Jeffreson presented the confederation’s annual priorities for 2014 and looked into statistics of EU13 engagement in CONCORD working structures. He pointed out that CONCORD’s members are very diverse and present a wide picture of Europe, which is very powerful when representing our sector. Mr. Jeffreson also asked the platforms how they perceive their role within CONCORD. The reality for many EU13 platforms and NGOs is still determined by scarce resources, often there is only one person employed for the platform and few working groups in place. This is a hindrance to engage in many different policy debates on EU level, for example.

A special session was dedicated to the EU Presidencies. Igoris Kononovas shared lessons learned from the current Lithuanian EU Presidency project and Inga Belousa invited participants to become visionaries of the Latvian EU Presidency in 2015. The platform LAPAS is planning to build their project around the motto “Glocalization of Development Cooperation: Understanding of development from a community level.”

The policy topics chosen by EU13 platforms this year were “European Parliament (EP) Elections 2014” and “The European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015)”. Jennifer Young from BOND and member of the CONCORD EP election task force presented CONCORD’s EP elections strategy and opportunities to engage for national nlatforms. In a workshop the platforms went deeper into the planning of activities related to the EP Elections on national levels.

Francesca Minniti from CONCORD explained the EC Proposal and CONCORD Engagement in the EYD2015, while Inese Vaivare from LAPAS gave an insight to the EYD from a National Platform Perspective. A workshop on the topic allowed participants to further exchange on aims and challenges of the EYD2015, as well as on joint activities and steps forward. Generally it is regarded as good to show proactively to the EC and MFAs that CSOs worked on the issue and suggest ideas. Furthermore CONCORD should lobby the EC to require cooperation with CSOs from the national governments which will receive funds for the EYD2015.

After an interesting and intense meeting participants went back home with a basket full of new ideas and inspiration for their work in 2014. The TRIALOG team says thank you to everyone for their active participation and valuable inputs.



(-) Agenda Strategy Meeting 2013 (pdf)



(-) CONCORD Priorities 2014 and EU13 NP engagement in CONCORD by Seamus Jeffreson, CONCORD

(-) Lithuanian EU Presidency 2014: Insights from the presidency project by Igoris Kononovas, Litdea

(-) Latvian EU Presidency 2015 Project: Glocalization as a key for sustainable development by Inga Belousa, LAPAS

(-) European Parliament Elections by Jennifer Young, Bond

(-) European Year of Development 2015 by Francesca Romana Minniti, CONCORD

(-) European Year of Development: From a CSO platform perspective by Inese Vaivare, LAPAS


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