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TRIALOG in the Enlarged EU

A journey through the TRIALOG experience -

Results from the systematisation process

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In the summer of 2014 TRIALOG published three studies looking at EU13 civil society participation in different European grants schemes over the last ten years, namely in Development Education and Awareness Raising grants, development cooperation projects in the Global South and projects in the area of humanitarian action.


Main findings on two slides (PDF).

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Policy Digests

The TRIALOG Policy Digests provide insight to currently discussed development policy topics. They provide information about recent policy processes and suggestions how to get engaged in the discussions and actions around the topics. The Policy Digests are written by drafting teams made up of TRIALOG partners and are published on a regular basis every other month.

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Country Papers

TRIALOG country papers assess and analyse civil society in EU13 and EU accession countries.

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The yearly bulletin reflects the work of TRIALOG and EU13 development CSO platforms, further it addresses main ongoing policy issues with relevance to development CSOs in the enlarged EU.

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Advocacy Guide

The advocacy guide introduces readers to the world of lobbying and advocacy for Development Education and Development Cooperation, with inspiring examples from EU12 experience.


Download the guide here (pdf)

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The Future of Civil Society Development Organisations

Reader compiled by the TRIALOG Advisory Group in September 2010.

Download the reader here (pdf)

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