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Post-2015 Development Framework

A new Global Development Framework after the Millenium Development Goals


Download the TRIALOG Policy Digest  (March 2013) here

Download the CYINDEP Policy Brief (September 2012) here

Cover Policy Digest Post-2015

As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approach their 2015 deadline, the international community is working hard to accelerate the achievements of the MDGs in the short time left. It is also beginning to focus on the establishment of a new global framework for development after 2015.

To ensure a successful and meaningful participative process, civil society across the world joined in the Beyond 2015 Campaign to discuss and formulate their vision of a post-2015 development framework.

TRIALOG and the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation (FoRS) organised the conference Advancing Beyond 2015: EU12 contributions to a global Development Framework after the Millenium Development Goals in April 2012 and the Cyprus Islandwide Development NGO Platform (CYINDEP) focused their EU presidency project 2012 on this topic.



TRIALOG published the Policy Digest Post-2015 Development Framework (March 2013), which explains the process of post-MDGs and its next steps, it also includes practical suggestions how to get engaged in the topic. The digest was written by Ana Kalin of the Slovenian development CSO platform SLOGA as lead author and Sophia Arnaouti of the Cyprus Islandwide NGO Development Platform CYINDEP, as well as Mirjam Sutrop, TRIALOG Liaison Officer.


CYINDEP compiled the policy digest paper Envisioning a Just and Sustainable World Beyond 2015 (September 2012)

Contents are:
•Status quo of the MDGs
•What's next
•The Beyond 2015 Campaign and its visions for a future development framework
•The position of CYINDEP for a future development framework
•CYINDEP's recommendations towards CSOs and decision makers how to engage and support the process

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