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Policy Coherence for Development

Policy Coherence for Development (PCD): A Powerful Instrument for Long-term Impact on Sustainable Development.


Download the TRIALOG Policy Digest (June 2013) here

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The term ‘Policy Coherence for Development’ was first coined by the OECD/DAC, which worked on translating the concept into policy recommendations in the late 1990s. According to the OECD definition, policy coherence for development means working to ensure that the objectives and results of a government’s development policies are not undermined by other policies of that same government which impact on developing countries, and that these other policies support development objectives, where feasible.

This policy digest will look at some main policy developments concerning PCD in the EU and in other international forums. It will also address some PCD issues on Member States level and discuss the aspects CSOs can address in order to enhance the awareness and commitment to PCD.

The policy digest was written by Paola Prinzis (Maltese CSO Platform SKOP), Andrea Girmanová (Slovak CSO Platform MVRO) and Mirjam Sutrop (TRIALOG).

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