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Partnership Fair 2010

150 civil society representatives from 25 different countries joined the Partnership Fair in Vienna between 15th and 17th of February 2010.

Partnership Fair plenary  2010


The partnership fair was a learning, networking and project-designing event, gathering more than 150 participants mainly from development CSOs from across Europe coming from different sectors (development education, human rights, environment, gender etc). Many key development actors (representatives of the EC, universities, local authorities, and trade unions) contributed either as speakers, facilitators or participants.


The event included:

  • Presentations on EuropeAid funding mechanisms and civil society perspectives on these mechanisms,

  • a Market Place where participants had the possibility to directly present their own organisations,

  • Expert Presentations on partnerships and partners such as the local authorities, on how to write a project proposal and on how to finance these projects and, most importantly, concrete work on project ideas and shaping up project proposals for future calls.



View the agenda and description of the event.

Have a look at the list of participating organisations.

Find feedback of participants here.


Download the presentations held during the event:

Pre-view of the 2010 call for proposals: Development Education and Awareness Raising, other relevant calls for proposals for NGDOs

Funding for Development and Relief (FDR) Working Group - EC funding
, by Elisabeth Schreiber (FDR) and Elise Vanormelingen (CONCORD secretariat)

Development Cooperation Instrument: Thematic programme "Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development"
, by Karina Chircu (EuropeAid/Unit F1)

Study on the Experience and Actions of the Main European Actors Active in the Field of Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR)
, by Karina Chircu (EuropeAid/Unit F1)

Further information in the following EuropeAid presentations:
The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

Development Cooperation Instrument: Thematic programme “Investing in People”


Working in partnership

Local Authorities as Partners in Development Cooperation Projects, by Lucie Guillet (Council for European Municipalities and Regions)


DE Partnerships: The Multistakeholder Process, by Tobias Troll (DEEEP)  


Roles of Partners in a Project Cycle, Strengths and Challenges of working in Partnership, by Andra Tanase (TRIALOG)

Writing a successful co-financing application


Part 1: Steps to prepare the project, logical framework analysis and Part 2: Defining activities, Risks and assumptions, by Angela James (Consultant)

Open Space


Presentation of the Methodology, by Tobias Troll (DEEEP)

Bringing the “co-“ into the financing 


Examples of MFA co-financing mechanisms, by Eva Kolesárová (SlovakAid)


Example of private fundraising opportunities, by Grzegorz Gruca (Polish Humanitarian Action) 


Read the Final Report of the TRIALOG 2010 Partnership Fair, the Evaluation Report and the Minutes

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