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Partner Search for Joint Projects

You are looking for NGOs to become project partners in your next development education or development cooperation project or would like to join a project group?

Check out our Partner Search posts or send your own partner request.

Holding Hands

There is growing interest and great potential for common development cooperation/development education projects and the exchange of experiences between European NGOs. TRIALOG supports NGOs accross the EU in getting into contact with each other.

In this context, we want to stress the importance of real partnership in a joint project. Please be aware that in order to ensure benefit for all NGOs participating in a certain project and to lay the ground for a successful project implementation, all partners should be involved from the very beginning and contribute to the design and the proposal of the project. As far as project proposals to the European Commission are concerned, this is an explicit requirement which will be considered in the evaluation process.


How to post your partner search on the TRIALOG website (pdf).


Search for open Calls for Proposals of the EU online via the EuropeAid website.



Partner Searches for various Calls

  • ASPEm, an Italian NGO which supports active citizenship is looking for a lead agency and/or partner organisations to submit a project under the EU Programme "Europe for citizens". The project will aim at the integration of vulnerable and marginalised groups through the promotion of culture and arts. ASPEm preferably looks for partners from the Mediterranean or Balkan region. More information (pdf)


More sources to find project partners

The Lithuanian NGOs launched an online database in 2014 available at www.pagalba.org/partnerships. It contains information about the specific expertise of the Lithuanian NGOs in the field of development cooperation and development education. Open to everyone and constantly updated, the database is created to help find partners, share experiences and project ideas. Created by the National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (NGDO Platform), the database  
represents the first attempt ever to systemise experience of the Lithuanian NGO sector in this sphere.


The Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee MEUSAC, a government body assisting NGOs and Local Councils in the proposal submission process for EU funds is active in the dissemination of EU funding information and provides a partner search database.    


The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) runs a Partnership/Networking Forum.


Please note that TRIALOG does not take the responsibility for the content of the projects or the partnerships arising from these partner searches.


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