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Expert Seminar on the Future of Civil Society Development Organisations

10-11 November 2009 - Vienna


photo of participants

The Expert Seminar was a possibility to deepen the discussion on the role of CSOs in development, in times when the overall political environment for the work of genuine CSOs is getting less and less favourable.

For quite some time, a debate has gone on in the CONCORD family of organisations about various relevant aspects regarding the future work of non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs) or civil society development organisations (CSOs). Several events have challenged current development approaches and the role of CSOs in development, to name just two of these conferences: "Are we on the right track? Paradigm Review by CSOs as Development Actors" in Prague in May 2008, and "CSO Development Effectiveness - Searching New Ways" in Prague in June 2009.


This Expert Seminar was organised by the TRIALOG Advisory Group and CONCORD in November 2009 in Vienna to make sure that the conference “Global Crossroads: The Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation” planned for November 2012 in Nicaragua would have an optimum impact  with a focus on practical orientations for the CSO community in South, East and North.

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