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Miriam Ekiudoko



Focus: African Diasporas, integration, migration, development and co-operation, human rights, culture and arts



Email: miriam.ekiudoko@gmail.com

Tel.: +36 20 9462731


Ebony African Cultural, Arts and Human Rights Organization
Position: President

Training provided in the following languages

English / Hungarian



International studies with specialization in Security and Defence Policy Analysis and EU studies, NGO- and project management, interpreter.

Expert on People of African Descent in Europe, African Diasporas, integration, migration, development and co-operation, capacity building, networking, human and civil rights, social equity, gender, international relations, culture and arts



I have been working as an activist, expert, speaker, trainer for over 20 years. I am the president of Ebony African Organization and I am also member, board member and advisor in various African diaspora organizations worldwide. Currently I work a lot as an expert in various fields, I give advice, prepare reports; deliver speeches and lectures in conferences and trainings. I currently manage project on the fields of international networking and lobbying, capacity building, development, partnership with Africa, integration, migration, discrimination and racism, hate-violence, monitoring and reporting, needs of especially vulnerable groups, access to fundamental rights.


Training topics

Capacity building, community building, leadership, project planning and management, campaigning, lobbying, monitoring, reporting, for-profit activities for non-profit organizations, integration, migration, minorities, development and co-operation, networking, global education, sustainability, human and civil rights, social equity, gender, discrimination, racism, xenophobia and related intolerance, hate-violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, protection of especially vulnerable groups and people, international relations, People of African Descent in Europe, African Diasporas, culture and arts

Training Style

I use both instructor-led and interactive methods. Eg: lecture method; discussion method; simulations; especially case study, role play and in-basket technique; management games; coaching and mentoring.


I have both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, I am emphatic and can easily adapt to almost any situation. I enjoy challenging tasks and love working with people, especially when I can help them discover their qualities and develop their skills and knowledge.



OSCE ODIHR, AEDP (Africa-Europe Development Platform), ENPAD (European Network of People of African Descent), Partnership with Africa Foundation – Germany, PAWLO (Pan-African Women’s Advancement and Liberation Organization), Wilson Solicitors LLP – UK, Faerleo.






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