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Mihaela Amariei


Focus: Development Education, Youth Work, Non-formal Education, Standard Contract Management


Email: consultant.management@ymail.com



Freelancer; Pro Women Foundation; Schultz Consulting Ltd.; National Agency for Community Programmes in Education and Training.


Training provided in the following languages

English, Romanian 



I have an Economical Degree, a Master’s Degree in Quality Assurance, I am certified as Professional Project Manager, PR Expert and Trainer.

Participation in the TRIALOG Training of Multipliers 2011 and 2012.



I have over 10 years’ experience as youth worker and youth leader, in working with youth and for youth in project implementation, project management and writing projects in NGOs and other agencies on youth. I developed and managed multiple collaborations and partnerships with relevant actors in the youth sector.

Now I provide ongoing non-formal education activities, using interactive and participatory methods. I am a professional trainer and coach in youth projects. I also provide consultancy on accessing European funds for NGOs and youth groups.


For details I kindly invite you to see my full profile here:
 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mihaela-sabadac/37/647/a48 or read the very short version bellow.

I am an active Member of Network of Trainers for Youth in Action Programme, National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Training (since January 2012) and also Member of the Network of Trainers, Project: Youth Worker, Schultz Consulting Ltd. Bucharest (since September 2011).

The projects I am involved in are in the field of non-formal education, human rights, inclusion of people with limited opportunities, youth projects. My experience in both corporate and NGO fileds as Project Manager, Funding Consultant, PR Expert and Trainer summed up over 10 years of beautiful accomplishments for me and the people I worked with.


Training Topics

•      Standard Contract Management or any part of it
•      Development Education
•      Global Education
•      Writing funding proposals
•      Project Management and PCM or any part of it
•      Interim and final Reports
•      Training of Trainers
•      Personal Development
•      Public Relations and Communications
•      Entrepreneurship for rural areas
•      Youth Worker
•      Orientation and career Development: resume and cover letter design, preparing job interviews
•      Non-formal education methods
•      Management of volunteers
•      How to set up an NGO
•      Coach 2B, Leader 2B, Mentor 2B
•      On arrival Training and Mid-Term Meeting for  the volunteers under European Voluntary Service


Training Style

I use a combination of formal, non-formal and informal learning with precise learning objectives. The main focus is on non-formal learning using non-formal methods and instruments.
I always adapt my training style to the target group I work with. My experience is mostly with youth and adults as target groups, both men and women, coming from different levels of society: business professionals, employees of local/regional/national authorities, adolescents and youth from urban and also rural areas, ethnic minorities, NGOs and their employees, students and also volunteers in general.
I like working with all of them because diversity is a factor that keeps me motivated to continue develop myself and help others to discover and develop themselves.


"By seeing the beauty in every face, we lift others into their wisest self, and increase the chances of hearing a synchronistic message."
I always try to think of others first when I want to do something.
I believe that „creativity is an idea put into practice“ and I also know from experinece that we can be much stronger and succesfull as a group, so that is why I always share my ideas with others.
I am inviting you to share your ideas, desires, actions with me and allow me to offer what I have learnt so far.

Vienna Head Office, Wilhelminenstr. 91/IIf,

1160 Vienna, Austria,

Tel: + 43-1-319 79 49, Fax: DD 15,

Skype: trialog.office, office@trialog.or.at