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Migration and Development

How are migration and development connected? How is the topic addressed at EU and global level and what are civil society organisations bringing to the migration and development debate?


Download the TRIALOG Policy Digest (July 2014) here


Migration and development is a topical issue. Despite the fact that only 4% of non-EU nationals live in the European Union (EU), some political parties use the fear of foreigners to gain votes in many EU countries.

Development cooperation is often perceived as the means to manage migration, especially to decrease the “unwanted” migration of unskilled persons by improving the situation in their countries of origin. This, however, is a misperception, as development does not stop people from moving. Evidence actually suggests  that higher levels of development increase people’s capabilities and aspirations and consequently lead to increased migration.

This policy digest will address three issues: firstly, the connection between migration and development issues; secondly, how the topic is addressed at global level and how the EU is contributing to the debates; thirdly, what civil society organisations are bringing to the migration and development debate.


Written by Ana Kalin and Darja Sekula Krstič (SLOGA, lead authors) and Mirjam Sutrop (TRIALOG)



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