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Central Training 2011

25-27 May 2011 - Budapest


With a special focus on the transition experiences of EU13 countries.

Participants Central Training 2011

 TRIALOG's annual exchange 2011, the Central Training, was coordinated together with HAND, the Hungarian NGDO Platform, and DemNet. TRIALOG took advantage of the ongoing Hungarian Presidency and a very relevant event organized by DemNet on the transition experiences and the role of the NMS in development cooperation to organize the annual exchange, the Central Training, around the same dates.    

The meeting dedicated a full day to the exchange between EU13 NGDO platforms, in order to gain a full picture of their plans, challenges and successes. The following two days, 26 and 27 May, the participants participated in a DemNet conference, which looked at the role of the NMS in development cooperation (including the transition experience, influencing the Neighbourhood policy, good governance and so on).


Download the agenda of the TRIALOG Central Training.

Read Summary Report and the article in the TIS.  


Country Presentations of the development NGO platforms


Grupa Zagranica, Poland, presented by Janek Bazyl (director Grupa Zagranica)

FOND Romania, presented by Adela Rusu (FOND platform coordinator)

Slovak NGDO Platform, presented by Nora Benakova (MVRO platform coordinator) and Andrea Girmanová (MVRO project manager)

Czech FoRS, presented by Inka Pibilova (FoRS platform coordinator) and Zuzana Sladkova (FoRS policy officer)

Sloga, Slovenia

LAPAS, Latvia, presented by Mara Simane (LAPAS platform director)

CYINDEP, Cyprus, presnetd by Emete Imge and Stelios Karagiannopoulos (board members CYINDEP)

SKOP, Malta, presneted by Lucy Pace Gouder (board member SKOP)


Presentations about of Platform Building Activities


Macedonia, presented by Brankica Spasovska (Center for Institutional Development)

Croatia, presented by Gordan Bosanac (Center for Peace Studies)


Presentations about EU Presidencies


Hungary 2011 (HAND)

Poland 2011 (Zagranica)

Cyprus 2012 (CYINDEP)

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