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Are we on the right track?

Paradigm Review by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as Development Actors -


May 14-16, 2008 - Prague

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TRIALOG and CONCORD in cooperation with the Czech NGDO platform FoRS and the Ecumenical Academy Prague invited to this conference in Prague.









OBJECTIVES of the Conference

To serve as a forum of civil society actors from the West, East and South: from the 15 old EU member states, from the 12 new EU member states, and from developing countries in the South (Africa, Latin America, Asia) and East (Eastern EU neighbourhood). 

  • To present an insight into the specific contexts and environments of CSOs in the field of development.
  • To challenge current development approaches and paradigms.
  • To find the most promising development approaches.


This conference provided a basis for a second conference in 2009 in Nicaragua.


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