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Maria Pisani



Focus: Migration, Adult Education


Email: maria.pisani@gmail.com


Integra Foundation, Director

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I am the co-founder and Director of Integra Foundation, an academic, practitioner and activist.  At present I also hold a research post with the Department of International Relations, University of Malta, and also regularly lecture on a number of undergrad and postgrad courses, including inter alia Humanitarian Action, Youth & Community Studies, Education, Labour Studies.  My previous posts include Head of Office, International Organization for Migration, Malta (IOM).

I hold a Phd in Adult Education and an MA in Youth and Community Studies. My research is multidisciplinary in approach, and largely – but not exclusively - engages with the intersection of forced migration and education, with a strong inclination towards post- and neo -colonial, feminist, intersectionality and critical pedagogy theoretical paradigms. I have published in leading academic journals, and contributed to a number of book publications on migration and education, amongst other fields. I sit on the editorial board of the international journal ‘Disability and the Global South’ and am Guest Editor on the Special Issue, Disability, Asylum and Migration.



I can relate this to my NGO work. Integra is a non-profit organisation based in Malta, operating independently of any political, economic or religious affiliation at a global level. The Foundation’s vision is that of supporting inclusive, non-discriminating and non-disabling societies, where all individuals have the right to human dignity, freedom, respect and social justice. Our mission is that of facilitating the space for marginalised individuals and groups to be listened to and to have an active and meaningful say in their lives and well being on their own terms. At present, Integra is implementing a number of projects related to reaching the aims of this vision, including inter alia, research projects, a number of adult education programmes provided to asylum seekers living in Malta with a focus on transformation and social justice (including language classes, community development and mobilization groups offered to a number of different groups residing in detention centres, open centres and in the community); providing emergency health care for the disabled extreme poor in rural Guatemala. Our practice is grounded in research, and we pride ourselves with a strong lobbying and activist component.


Training Topics

  • Migration (in particular forced migration/asylum and gendered migration)
  • Adult education (critical pedagogy towards transformation and social justice)


My expertise lies in migration (in particular forced migration/asylum and gendered migration), and education. With regard to the latter, I take a clear stand and embrace a critical stance: in the struggle against social injustice, education can never be politically neutral. I believe the political nature of education denotes it as a site of struggle that is located within an analysis of globalization and neoliberal  globalization,  micro-politics, ideology and discourse. I argue for an emphasis on strengthening communities at the grass root level and collective action towards transformation. Much of my work focusses on what I call the citizenship assumption, wherein I call for a shift in the way we consider and pursue social justice with regard to  the non-citizen within the nation state and beyond.


Training Style

I tend to adopt a strongly dialogical approach, critical in stance. I have not preference with regard to groups, but enjoy critical engagement.

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