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Central Training 2007

26-27 March 2007 - Tallinn


With a special focus on the Management and Strategic Planning for National Development CSO Platforms.

Speakers at the TRIALOG Central Training 2007 in Tallinn

The Tallinn - Central Training was devoted to “Management and Strategic Planning for National Platforms”. In addition to this main topic, half a day was reserved for input on the Financial instruments 2007 – 2013. Resource persons came from the NGO-sector in Czech Republic (FoRS), Sweden (CONCORD Sweden), Ireland (DOCHAS), Belgium (APRODEV) and the European NGDO confederation CONCORD.

Download the Agenda


Country reports and Presentations held during the training


Estonia, presented by Anu Eslas, AKÜ
, presented by Ilze Millere, LAPAS
, presented by Julius Norvila, Lithuanian NGDO network
, presented by Marta Pejda, Zagranica
Czech Republic
, presented by Jana Krczmarova, FoRS
Slovak Republic
, presented by Ludmila Pastorova, MVRO
, presented by Reka Balogh, HAND
, presented by Anja Mesic, SLOGA
, presented by Kerstin Wittig, Cyprus NGDO network
, presented by Sophie Robin, Portuguese national platform
, presented by Valentin Burada, FOND Platform Presentation (in Word format)
, presented by Yvonne Kojuharova, Bulgarian NGDO network
, presented by Gordana Stojanovic, Coalition for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights


“The Czech experience – lessons learned during the platform building process”, presented by Šimon Pánek, Chair FoRS (the Czech Forum for Development Co-operation) - Download the full Minutes!
Listen to one of Šimon Pánek’s key messages (quote): http://www.trialog.or.at/images/doku/simon_quote.mp3
“The good lesson which we learnt was: never fight only for your source! If you will fight with the government only for your source – for the NGOs – your position will be much weaker than if you fight for the broader aim which means MORE AND BETTER AID!”


“The Swedish experience – lessons learned during the platform building process”, presented by Magnus Falklöf – CONCORD Sweden - Download the full Minutes!
Listen to one of Magnus Falklöf’s key messages (quote): http://www.trialog.or.at/images/doku/magnus_quote.mp3
“I think it’s quite important when you look at national platforms to see it in relation to CONCORD Europe and other national platforms, and in relation to our members.”


Theoretical introduction to ”Management and Strategic Planning for National Platforms” by Eamonn Casey, Dóchas (The Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations). View also the Dóchas Check List for deciding on and shaping projects. The Check List encourages NGO networks to think of their work as "projects".


Financial EC- Instruments 2007 – 2013 – the NGO perspective by Karine Sohet, APRODEV


CONCORD 2007: Most important news, CONCORD priorities for 2007 by Andreas Vogt, CONCORD

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