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Study Visit 2008 on "Expert Sending"

An opportunity for development NGOs from all 12 NMS to visit German and Austrian Expert Sending Organizations.

2-8 March 2008

Workshop during the study visit

The TRIALOG study visit from March 2-8, 2008 was an opportunity for development NGOs from new EU member states (NMS) to visit German and Austrian Expert Sending Organisations. The group visited 3 NGOs and met international experts.

The participants represented NGOs which are in the process of founding a department of development workers/expert-sending within their organisation. 2 representatives of the Latvian and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also taking part. The 12 participants came from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

In each organisation the participants were informed about the advertisement of open positions, the selection process of possible candidates (so called experts or development workers), the preparation before the stay abroad and the monitoring of these missions. Additionally, the legal context in different countries and social security aspects - e.g how to deal with political or natural crisis situations - was looked at on an organizational and individual level.


Read an article by Valentin Burada, Civil Society Development Foundation, Romania, about his impressions from the Study Visit (from TRIALOG Information Service).


Invitation letter




Presentation AGEH

Definitions of "Expert-Sending", by Michael Steeb, AGEH Director
European and non-European Expert-sending systems, by Cliff Allum, President - International Forum on Development Service
Project Design, Clarification of Expectations, by Ludger Reining, Project Desk Personnel in Southern and Eastern Africa
Monitoring and backing up of the missions of AGEH development workers, by Ludger Reining, Project Desk Personnel in Southern and Eastern Africa
Social Security: Tackling personal and political crises, by Hans Nirschl, Department Manager Human Resource Development

Presentations DED

Introduction to DED, by Guenter Koensgen, Deputy Director and Karl Ahlers
"Weltwaerts" ("Towards the World") - a very new programme for young adults, by Karin Schueler, Programme Coordinator
Recruiting Process and Selection Process, by Angela Kalsdorf and Gudula Hancock, Persons in Charge
Social Security: Crisis Management, by Karl Heinz Siekmann, Head of Unit Near East/Central Asia
Impact oriented Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, by Lioba Abbenante, Person in Charge
Programming and Controlling of Country Programmes, by Karl Heinz Siekmann, Head of Unit Near East/Central Asia



Presentations HORIZONT3000


Social Security: Austrian regulations and the Austrian Development Workers' Act - a comparison at European level, by Gerda Gaertner, HORIZONT3000 Personnel Finance Officer
Foreign Travel Insurance, by Manuela Klepatsch, HORIZONT3000 Human Resource Recruiting Officer




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