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Central Training 2010

7-8 June 2012 - Krakow


With a special focus on the Lisbon treaty and its implications for development CSOs.


Photo from Central Training 2010

The ashes of the Icelandic Volcano crossed TRIALOG's plans to hold this year’s Central Training for New Member States' NGDO platforms in April in Poland. A number of participants and resource persons were not able to travel due to the Europe-wide closure of airports.


The good news: the training was only postponed. The training which was co-organised with the Polish NGDO Platfrom Grupa Zagranica dealt with “The Lisbon Treaty and Its Implications For Civil Society”. Apart from a general introduction into the Lisbon Treaty participants had a detailed look into the opportunities and challenges of this new European constitution for development NGOs and discuss mechanisms for dialogue between EU institutions and civil society organisations, look into how civil society organisations can benefit from an increased role of the European Parliament and National Parliaments and explore Lobby Strategies towards the policy making bodies.


Download the agenda.  

TIS article The Lisbon Treaty, Volcanoes, Floods and Civil Society: TRIALOG Central Training 2010

Presentation by Elise Ford, Oxfam International, on the Lisbon Treaty.

Read the minutes of the Central Training.  

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