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said Italy footwear retailers association president Mas simoDonda in an interview in China international leather exhibition, the pressure Chinese shoes, the actual bring is a lose lose situation, profit is the "old fisherman" in India. China when asked the EU to levy anti-dumping duties for one year, the European footwear manufacturers are benefiting from it, Massimo said, the imposition of anti-dumping duties and not to the European footwear industry benefits, but let India shoe enterprises profit. The survival of European shoe manufacturers is still difficult, and it is difficult for them to win the "battle" with China, because the price of Chinese shoes is still very low, but the quality is rising. At present, many large European buyers and retailers according to the ratio of 8:2 in India and Chinese purchasing leather shoes, which had 100% to buy shoes Chinese enterprises, will be about 20% orders to India. Different enterprises are different, and some are allocated at 5: 5. Massimo believes that this is not entirely due to price considerations, but these buyers and retailers move risk transfer action. In addition, Massimo said that European retailers and buyers are almost 100% against anti-dumping duties on Chinese shoes. Some shoe manufacturers increased from China purchase price of shoes, but most shoe business because consumers are not willing to buy high priced shoes and no money, so they need to digest the greater cost, profit is very thin, suffered a great loss. During the year, many shoe traders wrote letters to EU commissioners wishing to stop anti-dumping duties against China and have yet to produce results. But he expressed optimism personally. Massimo also pointed out that although the anti-dumping cheap air jordans online tax does affect the China shoes market share in Europe, as previously mentioned there is a part of the order to India transfer, but at present, China shoes market share in Europe is about 40% - 50%, is still a large share. From the European market sales of shoes, the low-end market accounted for about 60% of total sales, the middle market of about 35%, while the high-end market is about 5%. Among them, the low-end market, Chinese shoes have the upper hand, high-end market is European shoes better. The key to winning the European market is the occupation of the mid market. Massimo stressed that the key to the Chinese occupation of the mid market is the brand of shoes. After the establishment of brand, shoes enterprises can control prices, even if the price is higher, still can attract consumers to buy your products. (Editor: admin) project to provide a strong impetus to drive for economic development this year to the town Baogai Town, clothing, footwear, plastic and metal manufacturing four industry developed rapidly, according to state department statistics, in the town of tax of 50 thousand yuan enterprises, an increase of 41.69%% garment industry, footwear industry growth of 15.18%%, and plastic hardware growth 24.22%%. Baogai town deployment work closely around the municipal government, to promote the project as the starting point, with the construction of the park as the carrier, to resolve outstanding land acquisition, demolition of the key tasks, effectively break the influence biggest problem of land acquisition projects, some hot and difficult problems are gradually solved properly, the area of key projects building steadily. At present, the footwear industry park has 5 enterprises put into production, th jordans on sale online e main part of the project completed 11 enterprises will soon be expected to put into operation; science and Technology Park in the construction and expansion of enterprise project 19, a total investment of about 1000000000 yuan; production project schedule timing advance shoe company; hardware base project land breakthrough, Shan ya,?, Su Cuo, Cuo, Zheng Houzai, Pu Jin village land measurement basically ended, the village community disputes to be resolved, related to the village back into the group of the whole village unified expropriation unified resettlement agreement, and has formed a preliminary position to batch plan; hardware market is organizing units designed for planning and design. (Editor: admin)recently, a Kobe Chinese line, while eating noodles while making a phone call to the photo on micro-blog caused a hot. But a little funny is that Kobe eat noodles with a fork instead of chopsticks. But there are more families are showing the love of the boss. and, of course, part of the long hand netizen is so understanding: Kobe above the telephone call is former teammate: "Trevor Ariza, how do you use chopsticks? Pretty urgent, you teach me ah." laughed after brought everyone together to understand, NBA star to China what to eat? Artest to eat dumplings dumplings awfully JR- Smith often with KFC as partners with Marcus - Williams this foreign aid in China to stay for a long time is have to eat fast food to eat vomit, he in the McDonald's photographs of Peiwen is: "the plane landed directly to the." Then it's an expression that eats the spit. Charles - nice to eat beef noodles or eat very happy, but why eat with a spoon ah? Mazhengwei ! compared to other foreign aid, mazhengwei is simply God General exist, although in two jordans for sale and a half years ago when I first came to China as not suited to Chinese food, but now mazhengwei eat had dinner, low-grade got fried rice, occasionally also dare challenge bullfrog. Political commissar is indeed inherited the fine tradition of the older generation revolutionary class, dare eat anything also can eat just about anything, really is example of the domestic players in each big foreign aid and some picky eaters! followed Yao Ming to eat a big meal of Ewing lung also love to eat dumplings, chopsticks with a model of big shark also has a special liking for the dumplings to eat dumplings!? hungry what are good to eat, Paul, Anthony taste Chinese style fast food. Nash although holding chopsticks, but the expression is a little helpless. does not eat the first day of the Oh, oh well! Maddie Yao Mingjiao and uncle with chopsticks Maddie to eat with a mold oh oh! can't use chopsticks to James, can only manage fork to eat breakfast eat the worst is Ariza, the braised beef noodles, eat really cow face ah! But look at this feel, eat the bel cool feeling! get reload battle, the major application market search g〉, when it comes to virtual reality technology, we might immediately think of VR glasses and helmets, and never touch shoes. However, Nothing is too strange., now have a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, who designed the VR smart shoes designed for the customized virtual reality. , the "Taclim" smart shoe, was built by Cerevo, a foreign company that allows users to interact with their virtual reality through their feet". is similar to Taclim in shape, usually we wear large, fat version of sandals, Cerevo describes Taclim as VR shoes, you can put their feet in it, and then adjust the shoes will be comfortably w Cheap foamposites for sale orn on the feet. As you move around, you can interact with objects and surfaces in the virtual world. Taclim responds to your actions in the virtual world through different types of vibrations. aclim shoes can "simulate" the different objects that they touch in the virtual world, such as snow, sand, or rough roads. Although this VR shoe is still a prototype product, its different vibrations give the user a very realistic experience, just as we really walk on the snow and sand. in addition to giving users a vivid sense of touch, the VR shoes can also be used to act as the motion controller, which allows users to walk in a virtual reality, or to "kick" object movements, such as virtual reality games, you can use your own feet mengchuai enemy ". of course, the price of this high-tech product is not cheap, the price will be more than 1000 U.S. dollars (about 6887 yuan). no doubt, virtual reality in accordance with the current development momentum, will become the next popular technology trends. Although we can't judge now similar to the VR shoes market prospects, but for ordinary users, wearing glasses and equipment present obviously can not meet the requirements of our experience of virtual reality, we hope to have more creative products. for Christmas, Lining draws inspiration from the local Chicago basketball day before the famous "Cloud Gate", Wade's 5 brought the "Christmas" color. The Wade Road 5 "Christmas" color of the vamp inspired show in the light in the cloud contour, mapping out the blue sky and snow Christmas theme agree without prior without previous consultation. It is reported that this Lining Wade Road 5 "Christmas" color match will be sold today in the official website of Wade Road, priced 1399 yuan.Nike Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale Air Max 2015 commercially available information 2014-11-21 11:53:00The Nike Air Max family is the newest member of the Air Max 2015 will be held next week to meet with you, although the "black Friday" in the country is not what festivals, but in North America is not the same, but this day the traditional shopping carnival, very similar to the domestic double "11", of course it is time sneaker spree the. Engineering fabric and dynamic fly line to create vamp, classic and gorgeous Air Max midsole blessing. Shoes are guaranteed to be lightweight and flexible, and excellent slow shocks are maintained. 6 kinds of shoes are sold in November 28th, like friends may wish to pay attention to it. Nike Flyknit Air Force 1 High new color matching sale information 2016-01-25 16:09:15 Nike Flyknit Air Force 1 may not be accepted by everyone, but Nike has determined to launch a new color determination. Today, the network brings us a brand new black version. The shoes are made of black, and the bottom is decorated with crystal materials. The low-key atmosphere is covered with shoes, which is very suitable for the demand of the tide circle. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in February 4th, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. [NBA] shoes net legend Penny Hardaway although has Orlando, Phoenix and other teams served in the course of miracles he has not used the player of the year title is summed up, so the launch of the Nike PennyHardaway Nike Air Penny V exclusive to Hardaway, then at the beginning of the famous Treadwell high school for inspiration, he will have the king Memorial a green hand general courage.Nike Air Penny exciting week has passed, our shoes power list also come back! last week, Adidas released cheap jordans the latest Lillard signature shoes: adidas Dame 3. Lillard himself also immediately put on their play. The alliance another popular guard curry, put on last week special custom Curry 3, to commemorate the passing of fire in Oakland life, is of extraordinary significance. let us follow the list for the two all star guard row where, in addition to their two what star finalists list. 10. Russell · Westbrook team: Oklahoma team Last week ranking: not in the list of : Air Jordan shoes 30.5 & quot; Blackout& quot; PE, Air Jordan 30.5 White/Orange PE AJ30.5 and Westbrook also list many times. I just want to ask you this pair of shoes sold in the market? 9. Kaili · Erwin team: Cleveland Last week ranking: 3 : Nike Kyrie shoes 2 & quot What; The& quot; Erwin Nike Kyrie & 2 feet on the field; quot What; The& quot; North American Limited Edition, let me wait for non North American fans can expect their shoes ~ 8. Geoff · Green team: Orlando magic Last week ranking: not in the list of : Trophy Room x Air Jordan shoes Retro 16 Trophy Room 16 color and magic really take away jersey. This is the number of shoes is too small. 7. Monterey, · Harel & nbsp; team: Houston rockets Last week ranking: 4 : Air Jordan 2 Retro White/Red shoes, Air Jordan 3 Retro & quot True; Blue, & quot; Air Jordan 11Lab 4 Red Nike Air More Uptempo White/Gum. I'm not mistaken, Harel this guy has been on the list for several weeks, said he had to wear shoes. " for everyone to bring the lower half part of the sneaker con Chicago station classic shoes on feet, is still the classic shoes constantly, had to choose some representative said; in recent months, the sale of the air jordan 1 "Chicago", air jordan 11 low "bred" both appearance and classic styles also have various such as FoamPosite Pro "yeezy", and AJ series color matching debut. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!This time, Adidas will colored Boost used in the new NMD XR1, carrying iconic Primeknit uppers and black Boost midsole, this NMD to Triple Black theme release. Comfortable foot feeling and high street style, in the sale of it will set off a reign of terror. Interested friends, we can continue to pay attention to our subsequent release information. adidas Crazy Explosive "AW" PE new design release 2016-08-10 11:33:47 by Andrew · Wiggins endorsement of the Adidas Crazy Explosive, today the network once again brought us a new set of PE version of the object photo. But with the earlier released version is different from the Geofit, its upper material to create the material in the bottom of the Boost has not been canceled, it guarantees the perfect comfort. The tongue with Wiggins "AW" Logo, a low-key color also can please everyone oh. At present, there is no information on the sale of shoes exposed, interested friends can continue to pay attention to it. Mark Wahlberg on foot Jordan Spiz'ike 2013-12-08 22:45:26 Jordan Spiz'ike series is expected to use a variety of color iD introduced customized services, making the already very popular in Jordan Spiz'ike become more hot, recently with his wife and daughter out on foot in Mark Wahlberg on this duplex Jordan Spiz'ike red Air Jordan series with upper Tee is extremely pull the wind. Jordan 6 Rings "Bred" engraved on sale soon 2013-12-09 00:03:34 This year, Jordan Brand engraved shoes fit this was a smash hit - & nbsp; Jordan 6 Rings, this shoe is to commemorate the Jordan twice three consecutive three consecutive times to twice condensed from six shoe cream. Currently, the first & nbsp; "Bred" color coming in on the 30th of this month officially on sale, priced at $ 160, the friends you want to relive the classic wish to look. but now customize God as "Iron Mags" custom shoes debut 2013-12-08 23:23:37 Mache big sneakers custom shoes custom seems to have become the world's most shining star. Earlier in the Mache built a Nike Lebron 10 "Iron Man 3" has set off a burst of customized version of Iron Man customization craze, overwhelmed, Mache Zaiduofali, brought us another to God. The & nbsp; "Iron Mags" is not shocking your eye again? Given personally before James Lebron 10 on a pair of feet custom work, whether we can boldly guess this double & nbsp; "Iron Mags" there may appear in Robert & middot; Downey foot it? ALOHI luxury apparel and footwear will break the boundaries of street fashion 2013-12-08 23:25:57 2013 ?? 6 ?? 17 ?? - Alohi's shoes will be its early debut Lo-LO series to start the summer activities, combined with the luxury high street, the street will be the tone and the best shoe-making process, the cross-style The Lo-LO series of bold march higher-priced market this new battlefield, positioning in the high-end products, between the entry-level street fashion and luxury crossover between fashion. Alohi footwear selling series for the first time in two colors with a summer flavor mix: this month's upcoming deep-sea electric blue - next month will launch another two desert khaki brown shoes. They will be equipped with the classic white toe, while both the modern and retro fashion attitude will simply nostalgic elements. do break luxury clothing and streetwear boundaries, Lo-LO Series light texture quality canvas uppers and fold down to create two different shapes of the tongue. Shoes bottom is hardened after curing process, and the use of stereotypes cutting process tailoring brand logo, understated decor at the edge of the sole, to see the little big, brand details everywhere intentions are not exaggerated publicity. Alohi footwear upcoming first shoes -Lo-LO Series redefines high-end sneakers, quality and integration of high-end fashion street fashion approachable temperament. Alohi footwear starter Lo-LO series, was conducted June 11, 2013 at its official website ( Sold, JUICE Shanghai is expected to begin shipping in June 22, other regions may be In the following boutiques to buy Lo-LO Series:. JUICE Hong Kong, JUICE Taiwan, Undefeated, Heather Grey Wall Japan / Shanghai, and Colette About Alohi brand and Lo-LO Series news, please refer to our official website or contact us directly. official website: Facebook: The a-Lo-Hi Instagram: thealohi Twitter: thealohi Contact address: Shop List: JUICE SH Address: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; No. 832 Julu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai Hours: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 12:30 - 21:30 (Mon-Sun) Phone: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; +8621.3308.0888