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Conference: Global Crossroads

24 - 26 November, 2010 - Nicaragua
The Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation

Picture of the conference



From 24 to 26 of November 2010 around 120 representatives of civil society organisations (CSO) from various parts of the world gathered in Nicaragua at the conference “Global Crossroads: The Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation / Encrucijadas globales: Papel y perspectivas de las OSC para el desarollo” to reflect on these issues in the North and South in promoting inclusive and sustainable development. The conference was organised by TRIALOG, HORIZONT3000 and the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Cost in Nicaragua (URACCAN).






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Presentations of the Conference


Presentation of / Presentación de Jiří Silný (Ekumenická Akademie Praha) on the Background of the Conference


Panel "The Status Quo of CSOs working in Development Cooperation"


Presentation of / Presentación de Mandeep Tiwana, CIVICUS, South Africa (English)

Presentation of / Presentación de Maria Hernandez Gonzalez, Colectivo ISITAME, México, (Esapñol)


Presentation of / Presentación de Eva Marn, Slovenian NGDO platform; IRD Global (English)



Success Stories and Challenges: The Nicaraguan Case


The Carribbean Coast and its Autonomy and Development - the work of Carribbean CSOs (Español)


Austria-Nicaragua Partnership (Español)

Presentation of / Presentación de Elmer Zelaya, Director of CHICA coordination office for solidarity and partnership, Nicaragua


Historias de éxito y desafíos: el caso de Nicaragua (Español)

From country solidarity towards a more political agenda on global issues? (English)

Presentation of / Presentación de Erik Nijland, HIVOS, The Netherlands



Panel "CSOs at Crossroads"

Paradigm Shifts in Development Cooperation (Español)
Presentation of / Presentación de Sally O’Neill, Trocaire, Honduras 

Financing for Development at Crossroads? (English)
Presentation of / Presentación de Ondrej Kopecny, Prague Global Policy Institute - Glopolis,Czech Republic


Global Crisis (food, financial, environment) and their effects on Development Cooperation (Español)


Presentation of / Presentación de Jadder Mendoza Lewis, URACCAN, Nicaragua 

CSO Development Effectiveness (English)
Presentationof / Presentación de Kimberly Darter, Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness


Inspiring Stories in Development Cooperation 


Guatemala, una historia de lucha y resistencia (Español)
Presentation of / Presentación de Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini, Guatemala


Evaluation Summary of the conference / Evaluación de la conferencia

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