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Conference: Are we on the right Track?

May 14-16, 2008 - Prague

Paradigm Review by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as Development Actors: a TRIALOG-CONCORD Conference

Front page of the conference folder


TRIALOG and CONCORD in cooperation with the Czech NGDO platform FoRS and the Ecumenical Academy Prague invited to this conference in Prague.










OBJECTIVES of the Conference

  • To serve as a forum of civil society actors from the West, East and South: from the 15 old EU member states, from the 12 new EU member states, and from developing countries in the South (Africa, Latin America, Asia) and East (Eastern EU neighbourhood).
  • To present an insight into the specific contexts and environments of CSOs in the field of development.
  • To challenge current development approaches and paradigms.
  • To find the most promising development approaches.


This conference provided a basis for a second conference in 2009 in Nicaragua.


Download the conference report (pdf).

View the conference programme

Read the English and/or the Czech press-release.

View the List of participants.

For background information (invitation letter, objectives, workshops) click here


Read the TIS Article "Prague Conference discussed development paradigms and alternatives"



Welcome and introduction by the organizers


Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG: Opening and welcome


Jiri Silny, Ecumenical Academy Prague: Exchange on expectations, identification and understanding of development paradigms


Justin Kilcullen, CONCORD: Introduction


Simon Panek, FoRS: Introduction



Download information on the speakers.


How do CSOs from the South and East see the prevailing paradigms for development and what kind of development are they hoping for?


Chico Whitaker, Brazil - World Social Forum International Council: Minutes of his presentation.


Rebecca Tanui, Kenya - BEACON: Text of her presentation.


T. Rajamoorthy, Malaysia - Thirld World Network: Text of his presentation.


Olga Ponizova, Russia  - Eco-Accord: Text of her presentation.


Thematic working groups with the 4 speakers - Minutes of the group discussions: Chico Whitaker, Rebecca Tanui, T.Rajamoorthy, Olga Ponizova




Paradigms, Policies & Partnerships:

Where does EU development policy leave NGOs?


James Mackie, The Netherlands - ECDPM: Text of his presentation.




Responses from European NGOs to the challenges pointed out by CSOs from the South and East


Duncan Green, Great Britain - Oxfam GB: Minutes of his presentation


Hildegard Hagemann, Germany - VENRO, Justitia et Pax: Minutes of her presentation


Petr Lebeda, Czech Republic - Glopolis: Text of his presentation


Eva Marn, Slovenia - Humanitas: Minutes of her presentation




Key findings from the workshops


Panel discussion on the key findings - with Hildegard Hagemann, Chico Whitaker, Rebecca Tanui and T. Rajamoorthy: Minutes


For more information on the 6 workshops, click here.



Open the floor to the plenary:

New development paradigms? Which way forward?

What steps should be taken before the next conference?


Introduction by Mike Mathias, Luxembourg - Cerle de Cooperation des ONG: Some right tracks - How do we engage? Summary of approaches.


Minutes of the introduction and discussion


Closing of the conference

by Christine Bedoya, TRIALOG, and

Jiri Sily, Ecumenical Academy Prague: Minutes

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