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NGDO Platform

Cyprus Islandwide Development NGO Platform (CYINDEP) 

(an informal meta-platform of the 2 networks of NGOs - the Greek Cypriot NGO Platform "The Development" and the Turkish Cypriot "Cyprus NGO Network")




Website for the European Year for Development: www.eyd2015.cyindep.org




62 Perikleous street, 2021, World Vision Offices
2021 Strovolo,Nicosia

Email: info@cyindep.eu

Contact persons

Annagrace Messa, Greek Cypriot NGO platform "The Development"

Bulent Kanol, "Cyprus NGO Network": bkanol@mc-med.eu

Sophia Arnaouti, Liaison Officer CYINDEP


Basic data

Start of activities: 2006

Founding date: 2008 (status informal)

CYINDEP represents 25 NGOs


CONCORD member since 2009


Participation in CONCORD Working Groups (WGs)


Development Education Forum (DARE Forum)


Policy Forum


More information on the platform, its strategic aims, main successes and challenges for 2014 here (pdf).

Previous versions for 2013 here (pdf)


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Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Website MFA: http://www.mfa.gov.cy


Basic data

ODA spending in 2012: 30 million Euro (2011: 27.046,87 EUR / 0,16 of GNI; 2010: 38.645,15 EUR)

Project Countries: Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Lesotho, Mali, Yemen


EU Presidency 2012

Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform CYINDEP built its Presidency activities around the role and potential of citizens and civil society in bringing about change for a more just and sustainable world.

Between July and December 2012 CYINDEP brought together CSOs active in the development and global education field for two major international gatherings:

An alternative conference "Souk" for European, Middle Eastern and North African CSOs aimed to create a space for dialogue and exchange to explore the role of citizens in creating social and political change, exploring different forms of citizen participation, and social movements, as well as current challenges to civic and political participation. The event fell under the Cypriot Priority for the Presidency to strengthen relations with the Euro-Mediterranean neighbouring countries.

The second event built on current European and global initiatives towards the post-2015 agenda. CYINDEP invited CSOs from all around the world for a 2-day symposium with the title The World We Want to exchange perspectives, approaches and challenges in developing an inclusive and holistic development framework following the MDGs.


Publications of the Platform

Policy digest paper The Role of Citizens in Development (2012)

Policy digest paper The Multiannual Financial Framework - A Budget for Europe 2014-2020 (2012)

Polica digest paper Envisioning a Just and Sustainable World Beyond 2015 (2012)


Further reading 

Situation in Cyprus with regards to Official Development Assistance (Source: CARDET website www.cardet.org)


map cyprus

Vienna Head Office, Wilhelminenstr. 91/IIf,

1160 Vienna, Austria,

Tel: + 43-1-319 79 49, Fax: DD 15,

Skype: trialog.office, office@trialog.or.at