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Country Papers

TRIALOG country papers assess and analyse civil society in EU13 and EU accession countries.


The main objective of the country papers is to give an overview of the civil society situation and the development cooperation framework in selected countries that have joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 or are closer to become European Union members.


The latest Country Paper on Serbia (pdf) was published in October 2014.



TRIALOG has published three country papers on the Accession and Candidate Countries Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in January and March 2012:


TRIALOG Country paper on Croatia (pdf) 

TRIALOG Country paper on Macedonia (pdf) 

TRIALOG Country paper on Montenegro (pdf)



Country papers on the Baltics from 2007:


TRIALOG Country study on development cooperation in Estonia (pdf)

TRIALOG Country study on development cooperation in Latvia (pdf)

TRIALOG Country study on development cooperation Lithuania (pdf)


TRIALOG would like to thank all organisations and persons that contributed with suggestions and information to these studies!

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