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The yearly bulletin reflects the work of TRIALOG and EU13 development CSO platforms, further it addresses main ongoing policy issues with relevance to development CSOs in the enlarged EU.

Bulletin 2013

Cover Bulletin 2013


Impressions from TRIALOG Partners, Lithuanian EU Presidency 2013, Development Cooperation in Croatia, Black Sea NGO Forum and Contributions to a Post-2015 Agenda.


Download the Bulletin 2013 (pdf)

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Bulletin 2012

Cover Bulletin 2012


TRIALOG activities: Partnership Fair, conference “Advancing Beyond 2015” on EU12 contributions to a development framework after the MDGs, East-West-South exchange of NGO representatives. Multiannual Financial Framework and CSO Development Effectiveness. EU presidencies in Cyprus (2012) and Lithuania (2013).

Download the Bulletin 2012 (pdf).


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Bulletin 2011

TRIALOG Bulletin 2011 Title

Nicaragua Conference and Field Visits, Ongoing EU Policy Processes, EU Presidencies, Croatia as a Donor.


Download the Bulletin 2011 (pdf).



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Bulletin 2010

Titelseite Bulletin 2010

Role and Perspectives of CSOs in Development Cooperation, Nicaragua solidarity, EU presidencies Hungary and Poland.


Download the Bulletin 2010 (pdf).



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Bulletin 2008/2009

Photo of the front page of the TRIALOG Bulletin 2008

Prague conference and further views, upcoming Czech EU presidency and many other issues.


Download the Bulletin 2008/2009 (pdf).



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Bulletin 2007

Photo of the front page of the TRIALOG Bulletin

Read about the Slovenian presidency project, Bulgarian and Romanian NGDOs, EC funded development education projects and many other topics.


Download the Bulletin 2007 (pdf).



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Bulletins 2000-2005

Archive of TRIALOG printed newsletters.

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