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Bulletin 2013


Impressions from TRIALOG Partners, Lithuanian EU Presidency 2013, Development Cooperation in Croatia, Black Sea NGO Forum and Contributions to a Post-2015 Agenda.


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Cover Bulletin 2013



Editorial: Strengthening Ties for a Strong Development Network

Elisa Romero and Ulrike Bey (TRIALOG)


Interaction on a Higher Level: Impressions from TRIALOG Partners

Interview with Marie Zazvorkova (FoRS) and William Grech (SKOP).


Lithuanian EU Presidency 2013: Quality Partnerships for Development

Ruta Ulkyte (Lithuanian Umbrella)


The Black Sea NGO Forum: A Response to a Changing World

Adriana Zaharia (FOND)


Stirring up the Development Debate: Latvian Contributions to a Post-2015 Agenda

Inese Vaivare and Evija Goluba (LAPAS)


Development Cooperation in the Youngest EU Member State: About Challenges and Chances in Croatia

Gordan Bosanac (Center for Peace Studies)

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