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Training of Multipliers 2011

April and October 2001, Vienna


On the topic of Managing Standard EC Contracts for Development Cooperation.

Training for Multipliers 2011

In 2011 the Training of Multipliers was organized in 2 modules, one in April (4 days) and one in October (3 days). The topic of the Training of Multipliers was Managing Standard EC Contracts for development cooperation (including development education) projects. The first module focused on content acquisition and knowledge deepening while the second module emphasised on training aspects like working with groups and improvement of training skills, as well as on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of projects . In between the two modules, the participants were requested to conduct a brief seminar/training in their own country on the topics covered in the first module.


The event hosted 12 participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Cyprus and Slovenia.


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Second Module of Training of Multipliers 2011

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