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Conference: Advancing Beyond 2015

24 April, 2012 - Prague

EU12 contributions to a global development framework after the MDGs


TRIALOG (Development NGOs in the enlarged EU) and FoRS (Czech Forum for Development Cooperation) organised a one-day conference on: Advancing Beyond 2015: EU12 contributions to a global development framework after the Millennium Development Goals on 24 April 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.
The conference will be looking at the current debates regarding post-MDGs in EU12 countries and at the resulting contributions to the European and global processes for a new development framework.
The conference is aimed at NGDO platforms and civil society representatives in EU12/AC countries and is embedded in the two days Central Training for NDGO platforms but open to participation of other interested civil society organisations.



Find more information on the background here (pdf) or read a TIS article on the conference.

Look at the conference pictures on facebook.

Read the briefing paper based on the outcomes of the conference.




- Current post-MDG debates in the EU12/AC context

  by Inka Pibilova


- The global deliberation process

   by Tanya Cox, Co-Chair Beyond 2015 European Steering Group


- Strenghtening Resiliency

  by Mara Simane, Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LV)


- Partnership for Development Effectiveness

  by Daniel Svoboda, Development Worldwide (CZ)


- Human Rights Based Approaches to Development

  by Evelin Andrespok,

  Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation (EE)


- Beyond 2015: Civil society perspectives in the context of the Cypriot EU Presidency

  by Kerstin Wittig, CYINDEP Project Director (CY)



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