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Conference: Rural Development - Natural Resource Management

20-22 June, 2011 - Vienna


working group

The aim of this conference was to present, share and discuss experiences, good practices and methods in the sector of “Rural Development – Natural Resource Management” with TRIALOG's lead agency HORIZONT3000 and its project partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia as well as key stakeholders from Austria/ Europe.

It was a unique opportunity to exchange on the issue and network with people from the field. Part of the conference were also Field Visits to actors on the field of rural development / natural resource management.
TRIALOG invited representatives of NGOs from the New EU Member States to participate in this conference.

Information on the conference.


Article TRIALOG Exchange: Rural Development a window to sustainable Development Cooperation (TIS July 2011)

Article Farming challenged (pdf) by participant Linda Jākobsone (LAPAS), Latvia

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